Dubai, United States, Thailand, Australia, Singapore & UK top 4x4 Dealer of New Used cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, luxury cars, vans, minibus, trucks and buses of RHD LHD Toyota Camry, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Vigo, Toyota Fortuner, L200 Triton, Nissan Navara, Toyota Coaster, Toyota Landcruiser, Toyota Prado, Toyota RAV-4, Mitsubishi Pajero

Jim Autos Dubai - Dubai top new used Left hand Drive LHD car, 4x4 pickup truck, 4x4 SUV, MPV, minivan, truck, bus and machinery exporter. United  StatesThailand's top new and used car dealer and new and used 4x4 exporter, Australia, Singapore and UK's top dealer exporters

Welcome to the homepage of Dubai's leading car exporter of not only Left Hand Drive sedans, luxury cars, convertible, coupes, minivans, trucks, buses and machinery but also select Right Hand Drive vehicles. Our Dubai UAE and United States division supply Left hand Drive vehicles while our Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong United Kingdom  and Thailand divisions are here to serve your automotive needs from the Right Hand Drive RHD world. Email us at or you can reach Jim at +66-89-106-5701.

Toyota Hilux Revo RHD Thailand in stock
2016 Right Hand drive Toyota Hilux Revo in stock
2016 Left Hand Drive Toyota Hilux Revo 2017
2016 Left Hand drive Toyota Hilux Revo in stock


Our Thailand office is Thailand's top 4x4 pickup and SUV exporter of New 2016 2017 2011 2010 2009 RHD LHD Toyota Hilux Vigo and New 2016 2017 2011 2010 2009 Toyota Fortuner. If you are interested in inexpensive Left Hand Drive vehicles, no one can beat Dubai prices. The only problem has been that too many unscrupulous dealers had made it their home to separate good people from their money, Jim leverages its extensive contacts to get vehicles at cheapest prices and because of our low overhead are able to sell them with a razor thin margin.

Jim are Dubai and Thailand's top exporter of 4x4 pickup trucks and SUVs as Toyota Hilux Vigo, Mitsubishi L200 Triton, Nissan Navara, Toyota Fortuner, Chevy Colorado and Ford Ranger. We are Thailand's top exporter of vehicles, 4x4 spare parts, 4x4 accessories, rims, tires and lights!  If you need to reach us right away, drop us an email at Jim is a part of Asia's oldest automotive group that has been serving customers since 1911. We are thankful to our lifelong loyal customers for making us one of the top 50 automotive groups in the world.

Jim Autos Thailand is open for businessWe have been around for the past 106 years and are not going anywhere. We are here to serve you with all your automotive needs from our worldwide locations. Right Hand Drive and Left Hand Drive 2016 Toyota Hilux Revo,  2016 Toyota Fortuner, 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser 70, 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser 200, Lexus LX-570, Mitsubishi Pajero, and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport are in stock now at Jim Autos Thailand and its sister companies. We exported 2010 LHD Vigo and 2010 LHD Toyota Fortuner in first week of their delivery and exported Right Hand Drive 2010 Toyota Hilux Vigo and 2015 Toyota Fortuner in one day of its official announcement. We also shipped RHD 2015 Toyota Fortuner and RHD 2015 Toyota Hilux Vigo in in one day of its shipment.

As Thailand's oldest and largest exporter we have been exporting to Dubai for quite a few years so it made sense to establish our presence here to be near our UAE based dealer customers as well as our African, European and Asian distributor and dealer customers. Dubai is global motoring hub par excellence so it made great sense for Asia's First automobile dealership to serve our customers better. Many people don't know that Dubai is the automotive gateway to the world and customers from all over Europe, Africa, and Asia come here to purchase their vehicles. Dubai is very close for dealers of East Africa, South Africa, CIS (old Soviet Union), South Asia or Europe and they flock to Dubai for their automotive needs. .

customer delight is a top priority at Jim Autos Dubai as all Jim employeesJim Autos Dubai is the best kept secret in Dubai and international buyers from all corners of the globe are discovering us and laughing all the way to the bank. 

Whether you are in the market for Right Hand Drive vehicles or Left Hand Drive vehicles we can provide 4x2 and 4x4 pickups and SUVs of your choice from our Thailand office. We can provide RHD Toyota Hilux Vigo, RHD Mitsubishi L200 Triton, RHD Nissan Navara, RHD Toyota Fortuner, RHD Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, RHD Isuzu DMax, RHD Isuzu MU-7, RHD Ford Ranger, RHD Chevy Colorado, RHD Honda CRV and Mazda BT-50 in Single Cab, Extra Cab and Double Cab configurations in 4x2 and 4x4. When it comes to Left Hand Drive pickups and SUVs we can only provide Double Cab LHD Toyota Hilux Vigo, Double Cab LHD Mitsubishi L200 Triton, Double Cab LHD Nissan Navara, Double Cab LHD Isuzu DMax, and Double Cab LHD Toyota Fortuner among others.

Our Current Left Hand Drive offerings from Dubai office

Here are some of the offerings from our Dubai office. Please note that currently we are only offering brand new LHD vehicles. Please email us at for pricing and specs.

Dubai Top New SUV Dealer of Land Cruiser, Prado, Lexus LX570, Hilux, FortunerDubai Top New SUV Dealer of Land Cruiser, Prado, Lexus LX570, Hilux, FortunerDubai Top New SUV Dealer of Land Cruiser, Prado, Lexus LX570, Hilux, FortunerDubai Top New SUV Dealer of Land Cruiser, Prado, Lexus LX570, Hilux, FortunerDubai Top New SUV Dealer of Land Cruiser, Prado, Lexus LX570, Hilux, FortunerDubai Top New SUV Dealer of Land Cruiser, Prado, Lexus LX570, Hilux, FortunerDubai Top New SUV Dealer of Land Cruiser, Prado, Lexus LX570, Hilux, FortunerDubai Top New SUV Dealer of Land Cruiser, Prado, Lexus LX570, Hilux, FortunerDubai Top New SUV Dealer of Land Cruiser, Prado, Lexus LX570, Hilux, FortunerDubai Top New SUV Dealer of Land Cruiser, Prado, Lexus LX570, Hilux, FortunerDubai Top New SUV Dealer of Land Cruiser, Prado, Lexus LX570, Hilux, Fortuner

T O Y O T A :

  • Left Hand Drive Toyota Land Cruiser 200
  • Left Hand Drive Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
  • Left Hand Drive Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ71
  • Left Hand Drive Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ76
  • Left Hand Drive Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ78
  • Left Hand Drive Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ79
  • Left Hand Drive Toyota Fortuner
  • Left Hand Drive Toyota FJ-Cruiser
  • Left Hand Drive Toyota Yaris
  • Left Hand Drive Toyota Camry
  • Left Hand Drive Toyota Avalon
  • Left Hand Drive Toyota Previa
  • Left Hand Drive Toyota RAV4
  • Left Hand Drive Toyota Coaster Bus
  • Left Hand Drive Toyota Hilux
  • Left Hand Drive Toyota Hilux 3.0
  • Left Hand Drive Toyota Sequoia
  • Left Hand Drive Toyota Corolla

L E X U S :

  • Left Hand Drive Lexus LX570
  • Left Hand Drive Lexus RX 350

N I S S A N :

  • Left Hand Drive Nissan Murano
  • Left Hand Drive Nissan Qashqai
  • Left Hand Drive Nissan Pathfinder
  • Left Hand Drive Nissan XTerra
  • Left Hand Drive Nissan Armada
  • Left Hand Drive Nissan PickUp
  • Left Hand Drive Nissan Navara PickUp
  • Left Hand Drive Nissan Patrol

I N F I N I T I :

  • Left Hand Drive Infiniti FX35 & FX50  (Dubai)
  • Left Hand Drive Infiniti FX35 & FX50 (USA)
  • Left Hand Drive Infiniti EX35
  • Left Hand Drive Infiniti QX57
  • Left Hand Drive Infiniti G37

F O R D :

  • Left Hand Drive Ford Mustang
  • Left Hand Drive Ford Explorer
  • Left Hand Drive Ford Expedition
  • Left Hand Drive Ford Mountaineer
  • Left Hand Drive Ford Edge
  • Left Hand Drive Ford Escape
  • Left Hand Drive Ford Ranger
  • Left Hand Drive Ford Flex

K I A:

  • Left Hand Drive Kia Sportage
  • Left Hand Drive Kia SorentoProspekt
  • Left Hand Drive Kia Mohave - Borrego
  • Left Hand Drive Kia Carens
  • Left Hand Drive Kia Carnival
  • Left Hand Drive Kia Soul

H Y U N D A I :

  • Left Hand Drive Hyundai Tucson
  • Left Hand Drive Hyndai Santa Fe
  • Left Hand Drive Hyundai Trajet

H O N D A:

  • Left Hand Drive Honda CR-V


  • Left Hand Drive Mitsubishi Pajero
  • Left Hand Drive Mitsubishi Nativa
  • Left Hand Drive Mitsubishi Grandis
  • Left Hand Drive Mitsubishi L200

I S U Z U :

  • Left Hand Drive Isuzu PickUp

L A N D  R O V E R :

  • Left Hand Drive Discovery
  • Left Hand Drive Range Rover

J E E P:

  • Left Hand Drive Jeep Compass
  • Left Hand Drive Jeep Wrangler
  • Left Hand Drive Jeep Cherokee
  • Left Hand Drive Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Left Hand Drive Jeep Commander

H U M M E R:

  • Left Hand Drive Hummer H3

V W:

  • Left Hand Drive VW Touareg
  • Left Hand Drive VW Tiguan

M A Z D A:

  • Left Hand Drive Mazda CX-9

Dubai, United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Thailand largest exporter of Thailand Toyota Hilux Vigo and other Thailand-assembled 4x4s

world's top 4x4 dealer of Thailand Toyota Vigo Jim Group has many divisionsJim Autos Thailand, Thailand 4x4 Dealer and Jim Group are collectively the world's largest exporters and importers of brand new diesel 4x2 and 4x4 pickups, utes, SUTs and SUVs as Toyota Hilux Revo,  Toyota Hilux Vigo, Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Triton Nissan Navara, Chevrolet Colorado, Nissan Frontier,  Isuzu DMax, Isuzu MU-7, Mazda BT-50 and Ford Ranger, while Jim 4x4 Thailand is world's largest exporter of nearly new and used 4x4 pickups and SUVs especially Toyota Hilux Tiger and Toyota Hilux Vigo which remain our largest selling 4x4 pickups. We also provide other Thailand-made quality Japanese and American vehicles as Toyota Yaris, Toyota Corolla Altis, Toyota Avanza, and Honda CRV among others. In addition, we also export quality motorcycles (or motorbikes) manufactured by Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha. Jim Manufacturing also manufactures top quality accessories. Our sister company Jim 4x4 Thailand specializes in export of nearly new and used 4x4 vehicles. Jim second-hand vehicles are renowned for their top notch quality.

Jim prices for Toyota Vigo and other 4x4 are the best in the worldJim is a family-owned and family-operated dealership group and exporter. Our story began in 1911 when the Patriarch of the family M. A. Quraishi established Asia's first dealership outside Japan. He was a true automobile pioneer and no auto history of Asia  is complete without a mention of his contributions. He established his business on four principles of customer service, honesty, high quality and low price and all Quraishi-owned businesses continue to abide by these principles.

At Jim Autos Thailand you get the best vehicles, spare parts, racing parts, rims, alloy wheels and accessories at the best rates. We value our relationship with you and even though we could make a quick buck by taking you for a ride but that short-term thinking is not in our genes, we want you to be our customer for life and that means giving you the best quality vehicle at the cheapest possible price. This is possible because we can buy in bulk and pass the savings onto you. Our worldwide partnerships is another reason for our price advantage.

if you are searching for an honest partner in Dubai, Jim Dubai is Asia's largest auto exporterIf you are searching for an auto exporter that you can trust, look no further. Our owners, Jim Quraishi demand the highest level of satisfaction, and we have perfected our craft over the last 10 decades in the automotive industry. Our goal is to make your transaction both entertaining, and possibly enlightening. Hopefully our customer-needs driven, low pressure approach will surprise you. Request a price quote today at, and keep in mind that there are absolutely no Hidden Charges here. The price we agree on is the price you'll pay. since 1911, we have held ourselves to the highest degree of honesty and integrity. We are committed to providing highest quality vehicles at lowest price in town with exemplary customer service and greatest of speed. Those standards mean everything to us, and the success of your business. We are convinced that success of our business is tied to the success of our customers business and we have been proven aright and we have grown as our customers have grown. We provide the best automotive purchase experience in Asia, hands down. Get started today, by requesting your price quote now, and your vehicle could be on its way in as little as 3 working days.

top 4x4 Dealer Jim Autos Dubai is committed to customer serviceWhen we are talking about customer service, the old saying, "Talk is cheap" is quite appropriate. Because everyone talks the talk but few walk the walk. Jim Dubai's dedication to customer service is absolute and all our strategic alliances are geared to improve our customer service ceaselessly. Customer service has been incorporated in our culture and practices and is inculcated in our staff. Our staff is empowered to simplify our customers lives and to provide solutions.

Even though we are world's largest suppliers of 4x2 and 4x4 vehicles and are continually striving for expansion Jim Autos Dubai remain family-run businesses with the emphasis on maintaining excellent customer service. Whether they are old or new, all of our customers receive the same friendly, personal, one-to-one service we are famous for.

In 2011, all Jim Group companies celebrated our Century of Service with great fanfare. The happy 100th Birthday Bash renewed our commitment to Customer Service and our resolve to simplify our customers lives and contributing to their long-term success.

Cars are our passion. Please email us now at to get your next Toyota 4x4 or any other 4x4 or non 4x4 passenger or commercial vehicle of your choice.

80% of our business is repeat and referral business

We have grown from a small family-owned dealership to become one of the top 50 dealership groups in the world thanks to the trust of our customers generation after generations. In 1911 most of our business was repeat and referral business and 100 years later repeat and referral business is the engine of our growth. There are many speculations about the secret to our perennially high repeat and referral business. Some suspect it is because of our longevity, others imagine it is our scrupulous honesty and integrity, still others blame it on our professionalism, some on our selection of products, others on our high quality and still others on our legendary customer service. The truth is that all of these factors have contributed to our continual success. We are very grateful that our customers keep recommending us to their peer dealers, friends, family, neighbors and companies.

We strive to meet our customer's highest expectations for quality vehicles and timely delivery. Even though we are exporting thousands of vehicles, we still believe in personalized service. The trust our customers place on us is a privilege and an opportunity to live up to the high values passed on by our great grandfather. We want our customers to feel valued and appreciated for their business. When a customer refers us to his friend, family, peer or company, we certainly value this referral but we are determined to live up to this trust and vindicate him in their eyes and that is only possible through best price, best quality, fast delivery, best selection and superior customer service.

With the commitment to treat every customer as the most important person in our dealership, our "small town" way of doing business has achieved amazing success. We couldn't have realized our phenomenal repeat and referral business rate were it not for our customers trust in us. You'll find everyone at Jim Autos Thailand and Jim 4x4 Thailand to be truly committed to your total satisfaction...before and after the sale. If that sounds "small town" to you, well, that's just fine with us. In fact, we wouldn't have it any other way. After all the world is getting smaller everyday and world's largest 4x4 dealer and exporter is doing its bit to make this village vision a reality by serving customers like family members in over 100 countries of the world. We have discovered that customers in all parts of the world, be they black, brown, white, yellow or anything in between - want the same thing. They want to be treated with respect, want a honest person to deal with, want the peace of mind that they are indeed getting the right quality vehicle at the right price.

Nothing gives us as much satisfaction as seeing the children of customers continue the relationship. We have one customer who has been with us for three generations and of course he is a part of our family and we of his, we attend their marriages, funerals, birthdays, initiations and they attend our important events.


Highest Quality Used Vehicles

bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low priceWhen you buy a Jim Quality or Jim Quality Used Vehicle from Jim Motors or Jim Autos you take risk out of purchasing experience. You have peace of mind that your vehicle has been carefully and meticulously inspected by qualified Jim trained technicians. We personally hand pick each and every vehicle we sell because our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. Why buy just any used vehicle when you can purchase a Jim Quality vehicle at a very low price and you are assured its reliability. Not only are all of our vehicles of the highest calibre, but we have built up a reputation for excellent customer service.

Originally founded by Quraishi Senior in 1911, Jim remains under the control of the same family, who are actively involved in the running of the business. This, coupled with an established senior management team, many of whom have over 25 years in the business, distinguishes Jim from all other Asian dealers and exporters. As Asia's First Family of Automotive Retailing and Automotive Exporting, no one can match our experience, contacts, quality or prices.

Since 99% of our customers have their vehicle shipped before ever seeing them. This is not a problem with new vehicles from top Japanese and American manufacturers but buying a used vehicle sight unseen may be an uneasy experience and requires a lot of trust on the behalf of the buyer. We believe that purchasing a pre-owned vehicle should be an easy and satisfying experience for our customers. Our vehicles are accurately described, and our customer service is second to none. We have sold almost every type of vehicle since beginning our business in 1911, resulting in tens of thousands of satisfied customers in all corners of the globe.

No Lemon Guarantee

we never sell lemons at Dubai 4x4 Jim Autos DubaiWith two exceptions, almost all other auto exporters are either investors or charlatans with little or no automotive experience. They cannot identify an accident damaged car, or part exchanged car or a poor functioning car so buying a used car from them is like playing Russian Roulette. If you are lucky you will get a good car but your luck might not hold till the next shipment. If you are in a far off country you have lost a lot of money while waiting a month or more for the car, you cannot afford to spend another two months to send the car back and get a replacement car back. A lot can change within three months and meanwhile your money is not making money during all that time and even after three months you have no guarantee that you will get the right vehicle. If you are a dealer, your reputation is spoiled if an exporters sends you a lemon and your customers come back complaining about the quality of the vehicle. This is the reason why our customers stay with us through thick and thin because they know that we will never send them a lemon and that we will get the vehicle out as quickly as possible and that we will never overcharge them for anything. They get a fair price every time. If someone offers you a deep discount on a lemon than most dealers realize that a lemon or potential lemon is expensive at any price. We love your reputation as much as we love our reputation.

Our entire staff is committed to excellence, professionalism, honesty, integrity and customer service. Being Asia's oldest auto dealer is not the only reason we continue to grow from strength to strength. You cannot rest on your laurels but must earn your customers trust in every deal and this is the real secret to our century long success.

Our new and used vehicle inventory is turning quickly, which always guarantees the freshest inventory for our customers but means that we are not able to list all our available cars on our website in a timely fashion. This is not a problem though, just ask us what you are looking for and we would be glad to quote you a price. We look forward to the opportunity of getting our clients the new, nearly new or pre-owned vehicle of their dreams. Whatever your dream car, we can find it for you.

No hassle no-haggle Pricing

Jim Dubai - Dubai's Largest exporter guarantees satisfactionWe have Thailand's only true no-hassle, no-haggle, no pressure sales service in the business. Our inventory of high quality and low prized inventory speaks for itself. This is just part of a very customer driven business model that we call The Jim Way. Jim unique buying process was designed to create a whole new culture that has changed the consumer's car buying experience all over the world. When we created a simple, straightforward and easy to understand approach called "Pure Price" our purpose was to respect our customers time and give them the best price upfront rather than going back and forth haggling and hassling over price but it has become much more than that. It has become one source for repeat and referral business.

Email us now at to see why the Jim Way is the only way to go!




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